How To Find A Financial Advisor?

Financial Advisors Are Easy To Find....

A Good One That You Can Trust, Isn't

Welcome to Fiduciary Wealth Management, headquartered in Miami, FL.  My name is Charles, I’m happy to welcome you here. This site was built intentionally opposite the sites of other advisors. The site is about YOU and YOUR GOALS.  I’m going to show you how to find a financial advisor,  saving you time and energy.  You’ve visited sites and seen page after page highlighting the advisor and their company. That is disingenuous. Why do they waste your time?  They have account minimums that aren’t disclosed, they might sell products you don’t need, and they definitely don’t discuss you or your goals at all.

Now, I know exactly what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking that there has to be a catch. Right?  At some point, your new buddy Charles is going to try and sell you something, or pressure you, or maybe just show you information that helps Fiduciary Wealth Management look good.   Well, you’re right, and your thinking is 100% correct.  I am going to try and sell you something.  I’m also going to pressure you into something and take action.  And of course, I’m going to reflect my company in a good light.  Now that we’ve addressed it, we can get all of that out of the way right now.

How To Find A Financial Advisor

What Does a Financial Advisor Do?

Here’s what I’m selling:  It’s up to you, entirely, to believe me or not.  I’m going to sell you on the fact that I’m the obvious choice to fix your financial problems…..

I can hear it already:  “What financial problems?  I don’t have financial problems?  What are you talking about?”

Let me let you in on a secret.  With respect to money, everyone has financial problems.  Some people struggle to make enough.  Other people struggle to keep enough.  And everybody, I mean everybody, struggles to figure out how to make it last … long enough. 

Like everything in life, finances are all  a matter of perspective.  My job, what I do for a living, is to help people, just like you, figure out the “enough” part, and then make sure there’s always enough.  With that perspective, let’s re-visit the statement and apply it to your possible situation. Struggle making enough.  Enough for what? A down payment on a second home? College tuition for a loved one? Dream Vacation?  Keeping enough for what? To maintain your standard of living in retirement? Maybe early retirement.  Possibly  keep enough for yourself instead of Uncle Sam because you hate paying taxes?  Finally, last long enough. Maybe last long enough to know that when you pass-on, your spouse won’t have money issues.  Perhaps you want it to last long enough to give to a church, or charity.

How to Find A Financial Advisor Goals

Private Wealth Manager

Investing is an incredibly straightforward endeavor.  The problem is, most financial advisors don’t have any idea about markets, interest rates, or risk. I’m not disparaging them to make myself look better.  I’m telling you how this industry works and what you need to be aware of.  Without taking much space to explain, please accept this as truth for now.  I explain further in the resources section. Financial Advisors at Banks are generally clueless on the retail level.  Meaning, if they don’t have “Private Wealth Manager” or some version of that in their title, you are probably better to steer clear of their offers.

That’s not to endorse the Private Wealth Manager positions. In Miami, where I am, a lot of them call me to find out what my market outlook is and get investment ideas.  If you look long enough, you could find one that might do okay for you, but the bank’s compliance departments will only allow you to invest in just a few models. How to find a financial advisor becomes a complicated question when considering all the variables that go into it.

If you don’t want to read a quick story, click on the “Relationships” button below to see how I view client relationships, or the “Three Keys” to see the requirements for a great relationship.

So I was an advisor at one of the largest banks and worked in the “Private Wealth Manager” capacity. Meaning, one would think I had all the resources necessary for a Financial Advisor, right?  Not even close. At home, you have a better ability to research, analyze and trade.  I’m serious.  No quotes. No news service, nothing.  This is the kicker… quite often, people with millions of dollars of investible assets were put into just 5 models. Conservative, Moderately Conservative, Moderate, Moderate Growth, and Aggressive Growth.  These model portfolios were managed by somebody other than the financial advisor that claims to “manage” the account.  Would you be interested to know that the management fee is 1.6%?  Then, on top of that, the investment models used ETFs and Mutual Funds, which you may or may not know, also charge a fee. Bottom line, clients in these programs are paying ridiculous fees, likely way over 2% for a service that you can literally watch TikTok and get the same or better advice.