How high could AMC stock go in a squeeze?

Using the word “could” makes the question impossible to answer … because numbers go to infinity.

It’s better the ask the probability of a stock doing something, so I will rephrase the question for you.

What is the probability of the following:

AMC has a short squeeze again when everyone is looking for it? Almost zero, but I’ll be nice and say 10%

If there is a short squeeze, is it probable for AMC to get back $100. ?? Nope…it’s highly unlikely in the short and medium term. Now that rates have moved up, the company’s debt will present a big problem.

What is the probability that I’ll make money investing in a money-losing company, whose products and services are less in demand year after year, has a huge amount of debt, and is so bad that the CEO is trying anything from selling popcorn in grocery stores to getting involved in crypto? Zero. Enjoy the show!

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