How much money should I lose in the stock market before enough is enough?

Zero. In this day and age, if you can’t identify an investment strategy that has proven itself, will work in any environment, and is based on data not emotions, then you are trying to lose money.

Take any random stock that you might like. 1st, does the company have profits that are growing? (Positive EPS year after year). If not, get new stock.

Is the company the number 1, 2, or 3 competitor in its field? (Investing in companies that can’t compete well isn’t smart)

Do you like the company yourself? It makes no sense to own a company that you don’t Luke.

All that being said, take whatever amount you want to invest and divide it into 4. Invest the first 25% today, 2nd 25% in 90 days, 3rd traunch of 25% in 180 days, and the final 25% 9 months from today.

Try those quick tips and see if you constantly lose. Good luck

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