The 3 keys for a successful Client / Advisor Relationship

Likeable & Genuine

1st Key: Likeability

In order for you to be comfortable

and get the right help, you have to like the

professionals in your life.  You'll be in a relationship

where communication is the key  to making sure the focus always remains on target. You have to like that person in order to speak with them as often as needed.

Fortunately, I really enjoy talking with clients and taking a genuine interest in their lives.  You will benefit in knowing you are in charge of how much, how frequent and how in depth you want to communicate.  The client relationships I have are great because we are able to talk about financials and investments, but it usually turns into conversations about family, vacations, and future activities. 

Trustworthy & Honest

2nd Key: Trust and Honesty

Trust is the most important aspect of any

relationship on a professional level, ...BAR NONE! ...


In the beginning, by trusting me just a little, you will enable yourself to be shown a different way of seeing your financial situation, and the markets in a totally new light. Leading to longer term, trust will be cemented by witnessing my words, deeds and actions. Given these points, you will know you have someone working right alongside you, to help ensure that your goals are met.

How You Benefit:  You will no longer have to worry about what your investment statements look like.  I'll call you, we talk, and you go on about your day. 

Capable & Smart

3rd Key: Capable and Smart

 Assuming you like and trust the person,

there is a final component in order for the

relationship to be great. You have to believe the

person can get the job done.

With almost 30 years in the investment advisory business, there are a lot of things I've experienced.  I can promise this: "new challenges" will pop up, and they will seem like important and life-changing events: bad market, bad economy, changes in laws, etc.  With this in mind, you want a person whose experience and ability is proven.  If I'm your advisor, you will benefit from my experience and all the "new"  that I've dealt with. I will keep you on target to meet your goals using that experience