How To Find A Financial Advisor
... Is That Really What You Need?

Remember the first thing you read here is how this site is different from other advisors’ sites?  Starting right here,  the differences become larger and larger.  To make sure we are both on the same page, I’m going to propose a deal with you.  A short-term “handshake contract” if you will.  On my part, I promise and assure you that while you read the information on this site:

* I PROMISE YOU that I won’t give another sales pitch, I won’t show you a bunch of charts and numbers and things that only serve to make me feel smart, but make you frustrated.  Instead, I’ve written the information and tried to present it in a way that attempts to show how the issues can affect you and why they are important. Where applicable, I try to explain how the benefits would make your life better.

In exchange for that assurance, I ask the following of you:

* Review the information on this site with an open mind.  Forget about what you think you know about the market, It’s wrong. Forget about what the last broker or advisor did. They weren’t me. Forget about the money lost or the amount gained. You being here is a great first step on a new, more successful path towards achieving your goals.

While going through the site, if you honestly feel that you didn’t learn more about how to find a financial advisor, then I’m disappointed in myself and I understand you leaving. (If that’s the case, please email me what you want to learn, and I’ll provide you the answer and put it on the site as well.)

My goal for you, and you’ll see it if you stick with me, is to show you not how to find a financial advisor, but how to find a financial advisor that will allow you to feel more secure, feel more confident in your future, and gain the feeling of certainty that your life’s goals and dreams can be realized.

"How to find a financial advisor?"

"How to find a financial advisor that I'm confident has the expertise to meet
my goals and I also like and trust."

Understanding what you are getting for your money is 90% of the battle to getting what you want if you ask me. Let me explain. You hire a plumber because your pipes are clogged. Anticipating his arrival you are in the kitchen using a plunger and making no progress. When the plumber finally shows up he asks you where the clog is, and you show him to the kitchen where the sink is almost overflowing.

Upon looking at the situation, he kneels down to look under the sink and asks how long it’s been like this.  Without giving you a chance to answer, he asks that you hand him his red handled screwdriver, and you do. He takes the handle end of the screwdriver and whacks the pipe underneath the sink one time.  With a big WHOOSH you hear the sink begin to drain rather quickly.

Are You Obligated To Put My Needs First?
As a Fee-only, Registered Investment Advisor, regulated by The State of Florida. Additionally, I have passed the regulatory examinations required that allow me to provide advice to the public.

How To Find A Financial Advisor Question 1
What Qualifications Do You Have?
In addition to the 25+ years as an advisor, I've obtained the APMA (*Accredited Portfolio Management Advisor) certification, making me one of the very few advisors in the entire country to have attained this level of expertise.

How To Find A Financial Advisor Question 2
What is Your Expertise?
There are two areas of emphasis:
A) Life and Investment goal planning
B) Investment & Portfolio management, focused on primarily individual stocks and bonds that are believed to have excellent risk/return profiles.

How To Find A Financial Advisor Question 3
How Are You Paid?
As a Fee-Only Financial Advisor, the only compensation I receive is a flat fee, based on the assets in your account. The fee ranges from .75% to 1.25% and covers all the services that my company and me provide to you to assist in meeting your goals.

How To Find A Financial Advisor Question 4

With the plumber now standing, he hands you his clipboard wanting your signature and says to you: “That’s going to be $300.  Will it be cash or will you be putting it on a card?”   You say, “but all you did was tap that pipe, why is it $300? Unfazed, the plumber answers, “oh yes, you’re right.  Tapping the pipe only costs $5.00, but knowing where to tap, that costs $295.00.”

What you Get, Not What It Does

How to Find an Investment Advisor isn’t really the right question. It’s important to remember that you are buying a result, not a process.  If the goal is to have enough income for retirement, does it really matter to you if you achieve that by investing in the S&P index or achieve it with a lower risk / lower return strategy that doesn’t scare the living heck out of you every time the market fluctuates? The result, “having enough income for retirement” is what matters.

That said, there is quite a difference in what you will receive by going with the wrong kind of Financial Advisor that focuses on the path, rather than knowing what your goals are.  Knowing that, the first question “how to find a financial advisor” can be answered simply by driving to the closest bank near your house and hiring some inexperienced “Financial Consultant”  that knows less about goal planning and risk management than you do. 

The real question, the second question: “How to find a financial advisor that you trust, is experienced, and you think is capable of helping you” is quite a different task.  In order to answer it, we will examine the separate pieces that go into making a financial advisor great for you specifically.

How To Find A Financial Advisor Pieces


The following pages present the basics of my services, which I obviously believe are best in class.  Having seen what is available, the solutions that I provide answer our question better than anyone else.  You are free to disagree.  However, I intend to hold up my end of our deal and show you information you need to make an informed decision. 

If you choose to use  someone else’s service, or I choose not to work you, please do yourself a favor and accept nothing less.  I’m attempting to highlight the benefits you should expect from a Financial Advisor that meets the criteria needed to answer the 2nd question:  “How to find a financial advisor that you can be confident has the expertise to meet your goals and you also like and trust?”  My services satisfy the needs of most folks just like you, but despite that, if you don’t think they will for you, that’s okay.  Don’t feel lost or frustrated if that’s the case.  Remember why you arrived here.  You wanted to know how to find a financial advisor, and the information on these pages answer just that. If for whatever reason, you think that I can’t serve your needs, or my services aren’t what you are looking for,  contact me anyway. Remember our handshake deal from earlier? I won’t try to sell you anything.  I happen to know a lot of people in this business.  No matter what you are looking for, I’ll try and point you in the right direction.

Find A Good Financial Advisor Picture Fiduciary Wealth Management Standing out picture

When you have seen and understand the services I have to offer, I am confident of one thing.  The combination of my experience, capability and dedication to understanding and solving clients goals is far superior to other financial advisors.   When it’s evident I’m the obvious choice to help you, please contact me using the forms on this page, or feel free to call me at   305-972-7770, so we can discuss your situation.  Let’s consider how each point you read will make your life better while answering the question: how to find a financial advisor that’s actually going to be fantastic for you and your future.