How to Find A Financial Advisor You Can Trust

How to Find A Financial Advisor

Not Just Any Advisor, A Fiduciary Advisor

How to find a financial advisor you can trust? That can be answered easily. Find a Fiduciary.  What’s in a word?  The word Fiduciary is important within the law. It represents a relationship based on explicit trust that’s uncommon in today’s society. 

The importance is the benefit you derive from this relationship.  It doesn’t cost anything more for you to deal with a Fiduciary than a non-Fiduciary. Over time, I would argue that it will cost you a lot less. The main benefit you get with a Fiduciary as a Financial Advisor is an advisor that has the same goals as you. They want your account to grow, and you want your account to grow.
You would think that you can trust all financial advisors. How to find a financial advisor that you can trust shouldn’t have to be a question you ask.  Right or wrong, it is. In this video, you will see that non-fiduciary advisors likely have conflicting interests. Their goals are different from yours. Take a look at this quick video and see the importance of choosing the right kind of financial advisor.
It’s something that will save you from headaches in the future, I promise.
We just saw a video on Fiduciary Responsibilities; what they are and how they can benefit you.   The video shows the difference between Fiduciary and non-fiduciary advisors. Even more complicating; the term “Financial Advisor” is widely used. It can describe financial consultants,  Financial Planners, and others.
It should be clear that you ONLY want to have a Fiduciary as your advisor. Not all people in the investment world are Fiduciaries. Be sure to ask because the benefit is huge. 
With almost 30 years of being a Financial Advisor, I designed Fiduciary Wealth Management, based on those benefits. Everything I do is designed to allow those benefits to flourish.

Fiduciary Wealth Answer Questions

Relationship Designed To Benefit You

A perfect example of this my commitment to communication.  The number 1 reason clients leave their current advisor is lack of communication.  I have designed our communication to be  a method, pace, and frequency of your choice.  There is a failsafe for you as well. You will have my cell phone, and I encourage  clients to call literally any time that something concerns them.  

I know you are busy and questions and concerns come can come up at odd hours.  No problem. I’m working all the time, and  it’s a pleasure speaking with and helping clients.  Communication and contact will always be paramount. If you need additional information, services or assistance, as a client you will have access to whatever I can provide accurately as quickly as I’m able to.

Relationships, to me, are the most important thing we have, and I cherish every one of them. Communication is an underpinning foundation to good relationships. If a client of mine was asking how to find a financial advisor you can trust, I would be horrified.

Identical Interests

To that end, the concept is so important to me, that I named my company, Fiduciary Wealth Management. As my client, you directly benefit from this type of relationship.  You gain a full-on trusted advisor from day 1.  I will never ever have an incentive other than to try and help you achieve your goals. 

For the purpose of eliminating any doubt, and just to tie a bow on it, I make the following declaration to you: 

If I am fortunate enough to become your advisor, I will NEVER approach you to sell you something.

We can continue on to the next page, or you can choose to check out some of the helpful resources that I’ve put together.  Especially  the things to watch out for that end up costing people a lot of heartache and money. It is my sincere hope that I’ve helped you to answer your question, how to find a financial advisor you can trust.  There is a lot more information on the other pages of this site.