How To Find A Financial Advisor
Trusted Advice, Exceptional Service

Let Us Focus On Your Finances,
You Focus On The Other Important Things

The process on the other page, shows how you weed out any advisor or business model that is inherently against your best interests, and won’t solve your problems,  rather they would add to your problems.  Advisors selling mostly annuities, or  investments in which  they aren’t making the day-to-day investment decisions, are a terrible deal for a client. I explain why on the watch your back page.  For now, trust me and avoid them. 

Now you know the type of “who” to move forward with, let’s narrow it down further.  Looking at it from your point of view, we will focus on the three most important components that will provide confidence in the professional that you choose. Clicking on the tabs below, you’ll find explainers on characteristics of  Trustworthiness, Likability and Capabilities as components that are irreplaceable.  I have yet to see any relationship between a client and an advisor work well without them.  These aren’t just limited to professional relationships either, they are applicable to all relationships.

Proven Capabilities, Decades of Experience

Services That Solve Our Client's
Biggest Financial Concerns

All financial services discussed are included in our Service Agreement once we’ve had a chance to review your specific goals and objectives.  If we identify services that are needed but outside our area of expertise, (taxes, legal, Insurance), I’ll be more than happy to help you identify a professional in that area if you want my assistance.  Neither I, nor fiduciary Wealth Management receives any compensation, whatsoever,  and this is done as a courtesy to help you if you need it. In identifying qualified professionals that can assist us in that area of concern. I don’t receive any compensation, nor am I affiliated with any other person or entity. 

The financial services coming up in the next few sections have some pretty strange labels if you ask me. I’ll explain what each means, but it doesn’t matter what they are called because, to repeat, the entire process of having me as your financial advisor is to meet your goals.  If you need income, we will build an income strategy, If you need growth, we’ll get the growth needed to meet your goals.  Independent Wealth Planning has a dual meaning, and I want it in my company tagline for this reason. Looking at it from my perspective, it means I’m an  Independent  Asset Wealth Planner who is insulated from the pressures of the banks to sell what they want me to sell rather than what’s right.  Accordingly, you benefit from that independence because I am not beholden to anyone other than you.  I do not have any conflicts that would go against your interests. 

Benefits of a Personalized Service

Together, We Identify Your Unique Goals ...
Identify The Right Strategy To Meet Them ...
and Continue to Monitor and Communicate Progress

There are various strategies which I regularly use for clients that will also save you on your tax bills while still making money.  The most often utilized service is retirement planning.  You will benefit from having a detailed plan and a strategy that makes logical sense to be able to meet your goals.   And  of course, it must be remembered that you have my phone number and can call to ask me questions or voice your concerns, so we can immediately discuss anything that has you slightly worried. Everything we’ve discussed so far has a direct benefit to you.   My services are designed entirely around just that purpose:  to address and solve the financial concerns that bother you and make them go away. 

You benefit from all of this in ways that will not and can not be matched by any other advisor. Simply knowing that I value relationships so much more than anything monetarily, and doing the right thing for my clients, at all times, should give you confidence that your goals will be met to the best of my ability.   When it comes to business, I ask myself daily:  Am I helping clients the best I can? And If so, is that better than anyone else could do for you.