Is the Federal Reserve making a mistake by not supporting the stock market in 2022?

A mistake from whose perspective? Every indicator in the world was blinking red last year that inflation was coming but the FED chief kept saying its transitory and did nothing until he secured his seat as the fed chief for another term. Oh let’s not forget they had to let the fed governors sell their personal investments that were bought just before the FED itself lowered rates to zero before the pandemic making them huge profits. But that’s a story for another day.

Back to the question at hand. If you’re a new investor (came into the market in the last 11 years) the market isn’t supposed to trade like this. It isn’t designed to have literally a handful of people control the entire stock and most of the trillions in market value.

Anything the fed does to allow “capitalism and free markets” to catch a single breath is fine by me. I’d rather play a game with fair rules against better players than an unfair game against worse players that can change the rules anytime they want.

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