Scalping Vrs Swing trading, which one is best for growing tiny accounts without getting frequent margin call or stop out?

The question I have is: why so interested in “trading” vs good old fashion getting wealthy? Honestly, I don’t understand the desire to trade over and over again when it is much more likely to get rich by spending the same amount of time but rather than trading, reading balance sheets, 10qs, and company reports. Identify companies you know and like their products, and see if it’s growing their EPS above average.

With that said, I would bet dollars to donuts that swing trading is a better ROI. I didn’t say profitable… I said ROI. Over time, you will lose all or at least most on both strategies but to determine which is better, all you do is calculate the average profit or loss per round trip trade and multiply by the number of trades and divide into the time frame

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