The stock market keeps dropping every week, is it a good time to get out now or should I wait?

Is it a good time to get out now? Well, that depends on what you need the money for.

If your needs for the asset have not changed, then you shouldn’t be thinking about selling. Think about this. Imagine a store where you can return an item at the price listed on the shelf. You hear a well-known label was introducing a new shirt, coming out on October 21st at the store, and you wait to go buy one. When you got to the store, you not only like it, it’s the most beautiful article of clothing you have ever seen! So you look at the price and or costs $100, but you don’t have that much to spend on a single shirt.

Later in the year you are with your friend at the same store and see the exact same shirt again and you see it’s priced at $15. You say to your friend I can’t believe anyone would buy that cheap piece of crap, they must be idiots.

The stock market is the only store in the world where people want to pay higher prices for things they could have bought cheaper, and they want to sell things at prices below where they were, could have sold at higher prices.

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