What kind of investor should you become?

The answer is entirely dependent upon your goals and objectives. The most basic and very ineffective (imho) things to consider are your age, your income, your savings and assets, your investment experience, your time-frame and your supposed risk tolerance. Those questions are asked on every single brokerage account application and the answers are requd from the brokers compliance department.

Notice I said they are ineffective. The reason for this can be illustrated in Mike Tysons famous answer to a media question regarding his opponents plan coming into the fight. His answer; “Everyone’s got a plan until they get punched in the face”.

Direct answer to your question: do you need income from your investments? If yes, then a conservative value approach is probably best.

Are you looking to get max gains? Then a speculator, option trading, trading strategy might work well.

The most successful type of investor are those that act as business owners and don’t look at the marketfor buy and sell points.

I personally consider buying 5 or so superior companies with long track records of growing earnings as the best way to build wealth. Once you identify the 5 best ideas, look at the eps growth rate and identify the P/E ratio. You should easily find a few companies that have 16% or more earnings growth.

Next, only buy shares in that company when the PE is less than the growth rate, indicating you bought at a discount. Once you have identified and bought the companies, go to your job or do something you enjoy. Only look at the investment next year, and just ignore market action

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