Why are some stock market analysts from Forbes claiming the 1st week of May will likely bring about panic selling?

I haven’t read the articles so cannot say for sure, but I can definitely explain the specifics of their choice in timing and from there you can conclude whether I’m correct or not.

The Federal Reserve Board has pre-scheduled and announced meetings, events, and report release dates. For the first time in several years, the Feds’ policy is now one of continued rising interest rates. The FED had an interest rate meeting scheduled for May 3rd and 4th, with them finishing the day by announcing any changes to the fed funds rates. Ordinarily, these announcements lead to increased volatility, but it’s short-lived and normal volatility returns.

This time, the fed was going to also announce how they intended to shrink their balance sheet. This is a huge deal because it’s like the nail in the coffin for the “easy money” era. Short-term rates will rise to the fed, and longer-term rates will likely increase as well due to the largest buyer of bonds in the world saying it doesn’t want anymore.

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